Molly from Sherlock and Martin from Cabin Pressure attempt to socialize with each other. [x]


Molly from Sherlock and Martin from Cabin Pressure attempt to socialize with each other. [x]

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Somehow this is my Molly Hooper/Martin Crieff otp song. Well, pre-otp song. Well, the very beginning of this relationship song.
It’s so sad and I imagine that sometimes they think of their life as a sad and useless and hopeless one. And they accidentally meet. And two invisible people just can see each other.

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quit reading Baroque. NOW. but as long as it stars Ben as ANYBODY then I’d watch it :)

and it just appeared in my mind that maybe Rory is the brother of Molly Hooper. he might be a step-brother or anything. and Martin Crieff dates Molly who knows about how Sherlock faked his death because she arranged all the things around the autopsy. so she is involved in the case and Moran, who is an alien, wants to kill her, too. Martin tries to protect her, of course, and then he just meets Sherlock. his father. a Time Lord.

so there is a big reunion, they bring domestics on the TARDIS and the MJN-crew, the Ponds, the Holmes, the Holmes-Crieffs, the Crieff-Hoopers, the Watsons and the Watson-Morstans save the world together.

and we can bring the dancing lobsters in.

dancing lobsters


“Molly is Douglas’ niece. He thinks about introducing her to Martin, but the thought that he might end up being related to Martin makes him hesitate greatly.”


“Molly is Douglas’ niece. He thinks about introducing her to Martin, but the thought that he might end up being related to Martin makes him hesitate greatly.”

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Madhouse (diary of R.H.) 8.

I like the Crieff-children but I think I have the closest relationship with Lily. Maybe because she is the eldest or just because I touched her. It was an accident, a very shocking and stupid accident.

Molly invited me to spend the weekend with them. No problem at all. My special feature have started to work but they knew about it. I shared a room with Lily. No problem at all. She knew my safety rules.

Sometimes I have nightmares. Well, I regularly have them. Random memories of mine, memories of other people… It’s terrifying what people have in their minds. And mostly I know them.

Lily was born to be a nice girl with a warm heart. She just wanted to help. She climbed into my bed to wake me up. She was only five, in the middle of the night, a bit sleepy. She grabbed my arm to shake me. My naked arm. She screamed, I woke up, I screamed, she blacked out.

I paniced. What if I killed her…? I still don’t know the borders of my damned mutant thing. If she had been alive, Martin would have killed me. If she had been dead, Martin would have burnt me after skinning me then threwn off to the bin.

'Lily…? Lily, please, wake up. Come on, girl… Please, please, please…' I was desperate.

Then Martin and Molly came in. Light was switched on.

'What happened…? Good Lord.' Martin knelt down next to Lily. 'Lily…'

'Please, Martin, take care of Ginny and Luna. They are crying.'

'But… Is she…?'

'She is alive.'

'What if she inherited my inner-ear problem?'

'Then her inner-ear feels a bit uncomfortably at the moment. Now, please, go.'

Molly is a pathologist, she can discern a cadaver from a living one, as I’v already mentioned. Martin is very fond of his daughters, as I’ve already said it.

Unless this black-out thing Lily was unharmed. She recovered quickly and the Crieff-parents didn’t conceive a dislike for me for the rest of my life. Well, this was a very unease situation for a while but somehow Lily didn’t seem to mind it.

'You were screaming. Did you have a nightmare?' She asked me later.

'Just the usual one.'

'Do you often have nightmares?'

'Apparently… yes. And do you often meet that black-haired boy?'

'Do you know about Sev?'

'I have all your memories, little girl, don't forget it.'

Madhouse (diary of R. H.) 7.

A few days ago Molly called me. Molly is Uncle Martin’s wife, working at St Bart’s as a pathologist so also a friend of my father. Kind of. Sometimes she invites me to visit them or asks to look after their children, the usual stuff. As she did this time.

'We have tickets for the theatre for Tuesday evening. I wanted to see Long Day’s Journey Into Night so badly and Martin don’t have a flight next week so it seemed to be a perfect programme. Could you come and look after the lovelies? I’ll make dinner, you only have to tie them to their seats and make sure that they go to bed in time.’

'Okay, I'll be there.'

'Thanks a lot. See you on Tuesday, around six, right?'

So yesterday I was running up and down in the flat like the White Rabbit, screaming I’m late.

'What's wrong?' Kurt appeared with his usual surprising and brimstone-smelling pop.

'I'm late.'

'Are you going to a date?'

'Don't be ridiculous. Molly asked me to look after the children in the evening.'

'All the four of them?'

'Yes. And now, please, let me go, I'll have to be there in… five minutes.'

'Well, I could take you. We would be there in a minute. And I could help you with them. I think it would be fun.'

'All right. And what do you want in return?'

'Nothing. You're getting paranoid, Rogue.'

'Can we just go?'

'You're the supreme commanber.' He answered and grabbed my hand. He didn't black out because I always wear gloves (always), except while I am sleeping. Long-sleeved clothes, pantaloons, gloves… not hundred percent but less risky.

Teleportation may not the most comfortable transporting way but fast enough. We arrived right in the middle of the Crieff-house’s living-room. I guess Kurt loves to show off with his ability, because of these pretty little things about it like scaring to death Molly and Martin, amuse the little ones… etc.

'Good Lord' Martin sighed as he saw us.

'Sorry but we were afraid of being late.' Kurt explained.

'Never mind, it's okay. But we must leave or we will be late, really.'

'I can take you there if you'd like.' Kurt offered but Molly just smiled.

'Now, guys… Be nice as always, listen to Rogue, don't explode the house and eat your dinner.' Martin hugged all of them, twice. 'We'll come late so you can get your goodnight-kisses now.'

Seeing them hugging and kissing made me a bit envious. They are so lucky in some way. Never afraid of that you’ll kill someone with your touch.

'Bye, honey. Good-night, sweetheart.' Molly kissed them, too, and they left. We stood in the window until they disappeared on the corner, walking hand in hand, so lovely and perfect couple for my frozen heart.

'And what now?' Ginny asked.

Martin and Molly have four children - three girls and a boy.
Lily is the oldest with her eight years. She inherited a beautiful auburn hair from her father and a very kind temper from her mother. Oh, and one day she will be a witch, the signs are clear, inheried from her grandmother. Her godfather is DI Lestrade who also often looks after for the Crieff-children; he is very good with every children, well, he has got five own.

Ginny and Luna are twins but not the identical ones. Ginny is auburn hair but Luna has a very fair hair. Molly always says that her father (who died years ago) was blonde, too. This light air clearly fits Luna because she is a natural dreamer. They’re only five years old but they are completely different already. Ginny is everything but not the moony type. And they get on well, I can say.

Ron is the youngest, only three years old. He takes after his father with his auburn hair and his very bad luck. To take care of him is always a bit sticky because you can’t know what will go wrong but something will, it’s almost sure.

And now Ron were in the same flat with the master of the chaos, also known as my brother. Please, God, let us survive the evening.

'Are you hungry?'

'Not yet.' Ginny refused my question. 'Can we play something?'

'Oh, God, yesss.' Kurt answered taking her hands and started to dance with her. 'Tell me what you want, my little princess. Sail the sea like a pirate? Fly over the moon? Capture a castle?'

'Which one?' Lily asked eagerly.

'Brynffanigl!' Luna screamed enthusiastically.

'Nooo, little lady, you just invented it.'

'I'm afraid, no. It sounds to me rather Welsh.' I corrected Kurt and Luna nodded.

'So then, a trip to Wales? Fasten your seat-belts, my dear ladies, because I'll teleportate you right there.' Kurt joked. I hoped that he had been joking.

'Will you?' Lily started to get excited.

'Can I bring Freddy?' Little Ron asked and he climbed to the sofa and sat next to me.

'Who? Freddy?'

'He is my bear. Dad brought it for me from Washington. I know where it is because he shew it to me in a map. But I don't know where this Bnfff thing is. Can we go to Washington instead?'

'There aren't any castles in Washington.' Ginny protested.

'How would you know? You've never been there.' Ron exclaimed. Little children are so logical.

'Well, we could easily check it.' Luna mentioned in a sleepy voice. Then she just glanced at Kurt innocently.

'Good idea.' Lily approved. 'We could bring the dinner. Mum made spaghetti, it's easy to deliver.'

'But Kurt can't transportate all the five of us and himself.' I remonstrated before everything could go into something dangerous or at least silly.

'Are you sure?' Ginny seemed to be disappointed.

'Well, I am capable of many things…' Kurt started but I hissed. 'Okay, okay, you're the boss. What's your solution?'

'I say let's have dinner first.'

'Right. But can we eat in the room?' Ginny negotiated.

'What's your problem with the dining-room?' Lily asked.

'Nothing but it's more fun.'

'Don't tell your parents. None of you.'

'Hurray! Let's try to knit a scarf of spaghetti!' Kurt suggested. Hurray, my borther is infantile.
But he was right. I needed him because things seems to go easily with him. I am okay with children if they are the Crieff-ones but he helped me a lot. For example, he entertained them while I did the wash-up. Oh and he is a much better story-teller than me.

'Dad and Mum always tells us a bedtime-story.' Ginny complained. They were all tucked in their blanket, Ron already fell asleep and the others were half-sleeping, too.

'Sorry but I can only offer myself. Will it be all-right, guys? Because I know a good tale about the very-green dragon who met three little princesses and together they saved the poor blue boy from the horrible parrot king of the horrible parrots…'

serenade to Molly Hooper

  • martin: we just met
  • martin: and this is crazy
  • martin: but i'd like to invite you to
I didn’t like cross-overs until the Martin Crieff/Molly Hooper ship came into my life.
My favourite OTP ever.

I didn’t like cross-overs until the Martin Crieff/Molly Hooper ship came into my life.

My favourite OTP ever.