Day 16 - Thanks

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Rose Tyler, Nine (and yes, it’s also a pairing), Captain Jack Harkness (he would like to be part of the pairing, but sorry, no chance, sunshine, but you will do as Rose’ bestie)

Genre: Family stuff with mentions of adventure and I don’t know what

Note: Story based on The Long Game. Or whatever.

Summary: This is the story of how Rose Tyler became a mother. Every drabble is attached to her nine months and her Doctor, the Ninth.

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The Long Game (DW)

The episode when Miss Bates (child of Jane Austen)…

Miss Bates (Tamsin Grieg)

…and Bessy Higgins (child of Elizabeth Gaskell)…

Bessy Higgins (Anna Maxwell Martin)

…decided to change their lives and they invited Fanny Price (child of Jane Austen) to the party.

Fanny Price (Billie Piper)