Merlin modern!AU - What a Summer to Be Alive

Merlin Emrys, a Londonian photographer trainee decides to spend his summer in Camelot to capture the beauty of the country. As he arrives there, he soon lays eyes on the promising, young football player, Arthur Pendragon. They meet, they talk, they fall in love. As the days go by, Merlin’s camera is filled with pictures about his time with Arthur. But every summer comes to an end… will they summer romance end as well?

'Stop making faces! I'm trying to take a picture.'
'Stop taking pictures and come here. I want to kiss you.'
'You're terribly lazy, you know that? You are like a bone idle… toad.'
'You're saying I am like a toad? Do I
look like one, too?’
Yeah. But maybe one day you’ll magically transform into a handsome prince.’