Ghosts of Christmas Past (S7E7)

In one word: cute.

I mean, really. ASDFGHJKL and everything.

DCI Tom Barnaby dealing with Christmas and family reunion (the mystery of the Christmas pudding!), while poor Scottie spending his evening alone. But then he is invited to share the “turkey-lurkey time. I know he is not Gavin nor Ben, he is not even in the books but I like the development in his relationship with his boss.

And the family was called Villiers! I mean, VILLIERS! Like in Rubinrot. (I’m quite obsessed about the Gem Trilogy.)
Also, I feel like I didn’t give heed to the murderer too much. I suspected the dog and hated Jennifer. Oh, and I kinda liked Howard. But I was too occupied with the Christmas feelings.

Auld Lang Syne and Good King Wenceslas. I like these songs.